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CHEF UPDATE - Week of 4/24

 All, Dear Chefs!

Thank you for your awesome interest and support!  The Farm Team here is so jazzed and motivated by the input from our growing rock star community of chefs and the signature harvest lists it has recommended! Check out our Product List - it is a direct reflection of the incredible, creative shopping lists of the Bay Area’s top chefs and of course, the availability of some pretty amazing exotic and in some cases imported HEIRLOOM organic seeds.  Product List for June 13 Deliveries

Every Chef served by LHA Farm to Chef is assigned his or her own dedicated chef customer service specialist – so if you have not had direct outreach from one so far, please let us know, so we can make sure you get the care and level of service you deserve!  Your customer support team specialist will make sure your orders are placed on time, facilitate samples for you, make you aware of specials, listen to and communicate your requirements and preferences to the Farm Team, confirm your deliveries, and make sure you know about all the tasting events planned for you and your honored peers!  If you have not been contacted by your own personal customer support team specialist, please let me know so I can make sure we get that going for you ASAP…

The Phase 1 Expansion of LHA Farm To Chef to 500% of its original growing space is underway.  The schedule is such that your live flat or high volume cut orders placed before May 30th, (quarts, pints and or high volumes of smaller cut, prepped portions) will be easily met by our Farm Team and scheduled by the customer service team starting week of June 13th and weekly ever after.  Your dedicated customer support team specialist will reach out to you by phone, email, or cell (your preference) to confirm your orders which must be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.

The Phase 2 Expansion of LHA Farm To Chef to 1000% of its original growing space will be kicked off on June 20th.  This will allow our Farm Team to meet even more high volume requests weekly, further expand the Product list of Microgreens, and add to it some of the most exotic edible flowers and micro baby vegetables as well. Stay tuned for details.

Look for another weekly Chef Update right here every week!  Hope to see you at the Tasting Event on May 9th, in Pacifica! Click here for details! MAY 9th TASTING

Warm regards,

Rosanna Pittella and Philip Rotstein


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