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Chef Update - Week of May 10th!

 All, Dear Chefs!

Things are moving at a an incredible pace!

The MICROGREENS TASTING yesterday was a happening event - check out the details on the LHA Happenings page! if you missed this one - look for an invite for the one in June! 

First Chef Tasting - A Grape In The Fog. May 9th, 2016

The indefatigable Amanda has made leaps and strides in establishing fantastic relationships with  local heirloom organic seed sources that will be able to meet the needs and desires of our most particular chefs!  On or off season we will be able to fulfill the volume orders needed starting at kickoff in June! (First harvest deliveries June 13th! So orders are best placed by May 30th!) 

We are rocking on the timeline and schedule for our Phase 1 Expansion to 500% additional growing space.  So far we have reached every milestone and are excited at the incredible capabilities our farm team will have on completion on or before 5/30.  Right behind that is Phase 2 to 1000% more growing space in June. the great advice and suggestions we are getting every day from chefs is helping us to mold and plan our harvest starting in June!   Remember we are chef driven - tell us what you need! 

Warm regards,

Rosanna Pittella and Philip Rotstein


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