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Lemon Balm (Moldavian Dragonhead) - Individual Cut and Prepped Portion

LHA Farm To Chef Microgreens

Lemon Balm (Moldavian Dragonhead) - Individual Cut and Prepped Portion

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(Dracocephalum moldavicum) Eurasian native that has been cultivated for centuries. The minty-lemony leaves and large purple flowers have long been used in a tea for reputed herbal benefits, including "lightening a discouraged heart." Beloved by bees, like all the mint tribe. In Russia ot is grown as bee forage, in Eastern Europe replaces lemon balm for flavoring fish dishes, and in Ukraine it is a medicinal (dragonhead has anti-oxidant effects, and the seeds are being studied as a possible source of omega-3 fatty acids). It has been cultivated in eastern Siberia since 1596 and so can be included in medieval gardens (it also looks great in cottage gardens). This is a good plant for people working on Slavic paths. This plant is also known as Moldavian Dragonhead, Moldavian Balm, tuoksuampiaisyrtti (Finnish), Turkish Dragonflower, Turkmint, Chinese Blue Hyssop, Toronil Azul, Toronil Chino, and Turkish Melissa. This seed is from organically grown dragonshead plants of a variety developed in Europe for higher essential oil content, but is not a hybrid.  Tawny green leaves with lovely minty aroma.

Each portioned container of fresh heirloom locally and organically grown microgreens is delivered directly from farm to chef. The highest quality, no GMOs, no herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or other toxic agents.

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